Herald G-CEXP through the years

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Herald G-CEXP in need of care

We see this as a beginning...

...but we need your help now

When this Handley Page Herald first took to the sky half a century ago, she was the very latest development of a notable line of aircraft. Now, she lies moulding in a field near the western end of Gatwick Airport. She's scruffy and neglected, but those classic lines remain intact. That massive tail is still held high, and she's still supported by her own undercarriage. ...more>

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Here's a group that deserves your support as they work to preserve one of the most iconic airliners... more>

The Vampire has started to look like an aeroplane!

When she arrived at St Athan in September,... more>

It was with great pain and sadness that we learned of the death of our friend Marty Tibbitts. He died... more>

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The amazing Clive Grievson has helped us to team up with Xenca UK, whose fantastic products can help you to optimise your inner health and visibly radiate vitality. Their website features sensibly priced products for natural skincare, collagen, nutrition and more. We particularly... more>



We're excited to be entering into a new partnership to restore XE596, the Sea Vampire belonging to Jon Vivash. We've been in discussion with Jon for some time now and it's been great to find so much in common with a fellow vintage aviation addict. XE596 is disassembled... more>



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