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The amazing Clive Grievson has helped us to team up with Xenca UK, whose fantastic products can help you to optimise your inner health and visibly radiate vitality. Their website features sensibly priced products for natural skincare, collagen, nutrition and more. We particularly like +V  - a highly concentrated green food which gives all the family its five a day in one daily spoonful. No more excuses!
It's a great site, well worth a visit, and everything you buy there can help us raise funds. All you need to do is go to  www.xencauk.com and spend an enjoyable few minutes looking through their range. If you see something you fancy (and you probably will), please drop Clive an e-mail on clive@xencauk.com. It'll only take you a few seconds and the result is that Xenca will donate 70% of profit to UKHAT.

We're grateful to Xenca for this terrific support, and to you for helping us with our restoration work.

Duncan Halford

Duncan Halford

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

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