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BBC Surrey has taken an interest in XP. They contacted us on Wednesday to ask to meet us at Gatwick at first sparrow flatulence the following day for a live interview. Fine, except that taking members of the public airside on a live international airport isn't a simple undertaking.

Once again, though, the Gatwick guys came through for us and made it all happen, though I didn't feel quite so grateful getting up at 4am for the schlep down five consecutive motorways.

Sadly, our time airside didn't allow both radio and TV to record my geriatric ramblings. Our apologies go to Elaine and the team at BBC TV that they missed out. We promise to put you first for the next one!

A video extract from the interview is below. It's worth mentioning that it makes it sound as though G-CEXP was the aircraft flown by Prince Philip. That distinction belongs to G-APWA, which you'll find at the Museum of Berkshire Aviation.

The full interview (sounding as if I'm breaking in new teeth) is here

Jem Shaw

Jem Shaw

Sunday, April 8, 2018

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